Butner Psychiatric Hospital - Operation Santa Claus

MOM would like to give a big shout out to all of our followers who donated to Butner hospital's Operation Santa Claus. Butner sent MOM a thank you letter, and we wanted to share it with you all to show how much of a difference we all made! 

Operation Santa Claus
Central Regional Hospital
Volunteer Services and Community Relations
December 30, 2016
Music Over Mind

Hi David, Thank you for choosing to support Central Regional Hospital’s Operation Santa Claus. WOW! This was our exclamation when we saw all the donations MOM collected. Your donations helped provide almost 400 gifts for children, adolescent and adult patients Christmas morning. The children were thrilled that Santa had not forgotten them and left them lots of toys. The adolescents and adults enjoyed receiving clothing which many immediately started wearing.

The average gift value is measured in dollars, but the true measure of an Operation Santa Claus gift means so much more to a patient- they were remembered, they were valued and someone cared. From a patient –“the presents were very, very nice! It made me realize someone cares.”

Once again, thank you for generously supporting Operation Santa Claus and caring. Wishing you a blessed and prosperous New Year.

With appreciation,

Deborah Ferrell, CAVNC
Director Volunteer Services

Wake Forest High School, Wake Forest, North Carolina

On December 8, 2016 David Binanay was given the opportunity to speak for a group of 200+ high school students regarding mental illness and the stigma surrounding it. The students enjoyed the talk so much, that David was featured in the Wake Forest Gazette, in an article titled "Students Combat Mental Illness Stigma." The article is below:

Students combat mental illness stigma

DECEMBER 14, 2016

Wake Forest High School’s DECA chapter is proud to announce that it has initiated a grassroots campaign, “Stand Against the Stigma” (SAS). The goal of the campaign is to generate a more supportive and understanding community by redefining mental illness, educating the population of the school and surrounding area, and dispelling negative and false beliefs about mental illness and its treatment.

To accomplish this goal, founders, Caroline Roach and Jake Petrillo, have hosted a variety of events to engage the school and community in their cause. Events include performances by guest speakers, information booths at football games, and an Anti-Stigma week. Furthermore, the campaign has created a SAS club to make a lasting impression now and for years to come.

Guest speakers from Music Over Mind, an organization dedicated to healing mental illness through the power of music, came to Wake Forest High School on Thursday, Dec 8thto speak to classes. They played the guitar and violin as well as gave an account of their experience with mental illness and the stigma surrounding it. This was the first event of many that has been planned.

The objectives of the campaign are to:

– Raise awareness of mental illness within Wake Forest High School

– Inspire students to reconsider their perception of mental illness

– Encourage parents to engage in dialogue that can help support the mental well being of their children

– Educate teachers on how to identify the signs of mental health issues and how to be an outlet for struggling students

– Empower those who suffer by making mental illness a more comfortable topic.

(DECA is a nonprofit with chapters on college campuses and in more than 3,500 high schools which prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for college and careers.)


Dear Friends and Family,

One of our greatest accomplishments has been establishing a lasting relationship with Central Regional Hospital (CRH), in Butner, NC.  CRH is one of three state ran psychiatric hospitals in North Carolina.  The hospital provides psychiatric and medical care to adults and adolescents across a 25 county territory.  https://www.ncdhhs.gov/divisions/dsohf/central-regional-hospital-0

We are now supporting artist on a regular basis to visit the hospital and provide afternoon concerts to the patients, sometimes more than 100 at a time!  The concerts provide a break from the normal hospital routine, and an opportunity to experience live music from very talented artist!  The results have been incredible, with the patients and staff asking over and over for us to come back.

We all know the healing effects of music.  However, we cannot begin to explain the overwhelming positive effect that live music has on those at the hospital.  Rather than donate to Music Over Mind this season, we are asking our friends and family to make a donation towards the hospitals holiday gift drive, Operation Santa Claus.  This drive provides approved gifts to their patients over the holiday season.  

We have setup a collection box at the Modoc Research office in Wilmington. (1410 Commonwealth Dr, Suite 201) All donations are greatly appreciated, and I assure you are headed to a great cause.

If you would like to donate, but do not have access to the Wilmington office, you can either mail it to the office OR you can email Ashley Jerread at amj7098@gmail.com to receive further instructions. 

We thank you for your support.

Happy Holidays!

What to donate:


Underwear (Boxers, women’s panties, undershirts)
Sweatpants – L to 3X
T-shirts (men’s & women’s) – L to 3X
Sweat Jackets
Ball Caps
Flip Flops (shower shoes)



Shampoo                                                                                             Conditioner
Bar Soap (Irish Spring is a favorite)                                           Body Wash
Lotion (Ladies enjoyed scented)                                                Comb/Brush
Toothbrushes                                                                                    Toothpaste
Solid deodorant (Men, Women & Teens)                               Lip Balm


Fun Items

Personal Radios – NO ANTENNA PLEASE
Journals/Composition Books – NO WIRES PLEASE
Word/Puzzle Books
Coloring books – adult themed
Tote Bags (12x12)
Jigsaw Puzzles (300-500 pieces)
Sketch Pads
Small Plastic Storage Bins
Playing Cards
Card Games (UNO & Old Maid)
Colorful Folders


If you spend money on Amazon, there is a simple way for you to help us out! All you have to do is go to Amazon Smile, find our organization – Music Over Mind, and click that you would like to support our organization. With each purchase you make, Amazon Smile will donate to Music Over Mind. Thank you for all that you do!



We have had a lot of things going on this year with Music Over Mind. We'd like to share them with you now! So, here's a list of some of the things we have done this year! 

UNC Wilmington Intern Begins Working With MOM – In August, Ashley Jerread, began working as the first intern with Music Over Mind in order to assist with outreach events and behind the scenes work to keep our organization up and running.  Insert brief sentence about your internship program.

NightSound Recording – This is an update regarding our agreement with Nightsound studios. We have been able to record one of our sponsored clients at this recording studio. We are now in the process of creating a promo video, to help promote a fundraising campaign to fund future artist recordings. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates regarding this video.

UNC Wilmington Human Behaviors Class – In October, Dave Binanay spoke with a class titled Human Behaviors in the Social Work Field. He was able to discuss his story with the students, as well as discuss the organization, and what we do.  

Walk for Hope –On October 9, we participated in the Walk for Hope in Raleigh, NC. We had a table set up, distributed buttons and flyers promoting Music Over Mind, and we had musical instruments available for those in attendance to play. Our goal is to have as many people as possible hear about our organization, so we can ultimately grow and go on to do bigger and better things.

Butner Hospital - On October 31st, we were given the opportunity to play at Butner Psychiatric Hospital. This is also known as the Central Regional Hospital, which is located in Butner, North Carolina. They house patients, both adults and children, from all over North Carolina. We have played several times with Butner, and the patients just keep asking for us back. 

Wake Forest Stigma Free Event - On December 8th, we will get the opportunity to talk to the students at Wake Forest Academy, in Wake Forest, NC. This talk will focus on the struggles with dealing with mental illness and the stigma that surrounds it. It will also include a discussion on how to fight stigma. Of course, David will be bringing his violin to play a few tunes for those in attendance. 

October 31st, 2016 - Butner Psychiatric Hospital

Once again, we had the opportunity to go out to Butner Hospital to play for the adults there. After our performance, the volunteer coordinator had one thing to say, "There is only one word for yesterday - AWESOME!!!" We also were able to get a few tidbits of feedback from some of those in the hospital. The feedback is as follows: 

Dear MOM friends,
Thank you for the wonderful music you shared with patients on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. John, David and Stephen- your music was AWESOME! It was like being at a jam session. Your gift of time, talents and resources shared with Central Regional Hospital (CRH) is greatly appreciated.

Some favorite comments from patients about your visit:
 “When are they coming back?”
 When asking one lady if she had a good time; she responded with “couldn’t you tell I had a good time.”
 “They played a good mix- bluegrass and oldies.”
Yes, we all had a good time. All of CRH looks forward to a return visit in the near future. I Thank you for your message of hope and encouragement through music. 


We also had the opportunity to play a few tunes with a participant of the Walk for Hope. She asked us to play, so that she could dance. Of course we did exactly what she asked and rocked the house! 


On October 9th MOM had the change to participate in the annual Walk for Hope in Raleigh, North Carolina. We were greeted by kind faces and a warm breakfast on a brisk fall morning. This event works to raise money to support those who suffer with mental health difficulties. We attended this event in order to show our support for all of those who are struggling, as well as to share our mission with those in attendance. 

We had the opportunity to take some pictures with a few of the walkers/runners that participated in the event. 

A Little More on 2015...

Music Over Mind has been involved in many different outreach programs in the past two years. Here are some of our accomplishments from 2015:

Alliance Health Retreat – Dave Binanay spoke about struggling with mental illness.

NAMI Interfaith – Dave Binanay, along with mother Cynthia Binanay, spoke to those in attendance about life experiences and the struggles of overcoming mental illness.

27th Annual Walk for Hope – Taking place in the Triangle, we put together a tabling event in order to tell the residents of Raleigh and Durham about our organization, and future outreach events that are taking place. We also take this time to allow those participating in the walk to play some instruments.

UNC’s Annual Fundraising Gala Performance – Dave Binanay performed at a Fundraising Gala to help raise funds for the UNC Center of Excellence.

UNC Center of Excellence, Garyson’s Art Exhibition – Dave Binanay performed at the Grayson’s Art Exhibition that was being displayed at the UNC Center of Excellence.

Nightsound Studio Recording – Music Over Mind and Nightsound studios have partnered to sponsor clients to record one of their songs with the recording studio. 

MOM Plays @ Brushes with Life

Music Over Mind has had the great privilege of providing music at UNC Neuroscience's bi-annual Brushes with Life Exhibit in recent years. This event highlights patients' artwork and celebrates recovery. For the latest showing on May 21, Ross Olinger and Dave Binanay performed for guests and artists on the lobby level of the exhibit. 

Brushes with Life is a great opportunity for these artists, who receive 100% of the sales. If you are interested in learning more about this event, or in purchasing art, please visit the UNC Center for Excellence in Mental Health website, here.

Photo by: Hillary Rubesin

Photo by: Hillary Rubesin

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