October 31st, 2016 - Butner Psychiatric Hospital

Once again, we had the opportunity to go out to Butner Hospital to play for the adults there. After our performance, the volunteer coordinator had one thing to say, "There is only one word for yesterday - AWESOME!!!" We also were able to get a few tidbits of feedback from some of those in the hospital. The feedback is as follows: 

Dear MOM friends,
Thank you for the wonderful music you shared with patients on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. John, David and Stephen- your music was AWESOME! It was like being at a jam session. Your gift of time, talents and resources shared with Central Regional Hospital (CRH) is greatly appreciated.

Some favorite comments from patients about your visit:
 “When are they coming back?”
 When asking one lady if she had a good time; she responded with “couldn’t you tell I had a good time.”
 “They played a good mix- bluegrass and oldies.”
Yes, we all had a good time. All of CRH looks forward to a return visit in the near future. I Thank you for your message of hope and encouragement through music.