MOM Featured Artists

Chris Doggett - Recording Client Bibliography

"Since my early twenties, I have been dealing with a lot of mental health issues. Music has always brought me comfort. I am not formally trained. I learned to play by ear and by reading. I'm not the most technically gifted guitar player, but as I've heard other say 'it didn't hurt my ears!' For me, that's okay. Mental illness is a tough battle, and music is a tool that makes things better. I hope this song touches you and the message is self explanatory. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my song. Enjoy and God bless."

Unfortunately this file is too big to upload directly into the website. If you would like to listen to his song, it is available at ! 


Ello - Special Artist

We had the opportunity to work with a special artist, Ello.  We recorded an amazing Christmas album.  Isti Kaldor painted the album cover.    Here are two of the tracks, 'Love to Fall,' and 'Holiday Home.'  We hope you enjoy!

An Isti Kaldor Painting

An Isti Kaldor Painting

Ello and MOMs Chairman, David Binanay, Improvise