GOAL OF OUTREACHTo bring music to our clients, their caregivers, and various organizations such as clinics, hospitals and support groups.  This will be achieved by:

  • Providing free musical performances
  • Promoting conversation and exchange of ideas through event performances and public speaking, raising the awareness of mental illness, growing support for organizations helping mental illness, as well as providing special events to help clients

GOAL OF ARTISTRY: To assist patients who are interested in learning a musical talent, or expanding current musical capabilites and to coordinate the activities involved in musical artistry. Artistry can be considered playing a musical instrument, vocal performance, as well as musical composition. This will be achieved by:

  • With referrals from therapists/clinics, we will work to provide musical lessons to our clients. 
  • Locating and building a local network of artists to assist in writing music composition
  • Organizing practice groups to bring together musical volunteers and our clients, and to help manage practice schedules and venues
  • Operating a MOM sponsored music studio (long-term goal)

GOAL OF SUPPORT AND MANAGEMENT: As a client gains experience and reaches their musical goals, MOM hopes to assist in further growth of the artist through performances and promotion.  This will be achieved by:

  • Organizing audio production and the recording of artists’ music
  • Building venue relationships and promotion
  • Participation in MOM-sponsored music festivals and fundraisers
  • Distribution of recorded music through radio stations, record labels and distribution companies
  • Copyright assistance if applicable and desired by the musician